The way you
the way you moved

photography that tells your story

It’s all yours. You tell it in the way you laugh at a joke that only you two get, in the way you know each other’s coffee order, in the way you dream together. And now, you’re going to tell it in the way you share your vows and say I do. 

Your wedding images are one more way to tell your story. They’re images full of truth and beauty that invite you closer and make you want to linger and remember … that will preserve this feeling for generations.


let's tell your story

Every wedding photo on the internet looks the same after a while, but not hers. They don’t feel like average wedding photos or something scripted. They feel like moments that were captured. 

—Samantha K.

Psst. Can I share a lil’ secret? 

when we work together,
I don't pose you.

At least, not in the way you’ve probably seen. Instead, I’ll start a conversation, share some prompts, maybe even give you a little game. I can promise I’ll never direct you to giggle on three because … awkward. 

When I’ve done my job well—and I pride myself on doing my job well—you’ll actually forget I’m there. You’ll be focused on soaking up this holy hell amazing day, and I’ll be close by capturing all that goodness.  

Your photos will give you a rush of YES that’s me, those are the people I love every time you look at them. Because your images shouldn’t be anything other than wholly, truthfully, YOU. And have you seen yourself? You’re a total fox. 

Wanna hear another secret? Of course you do. 

meet sarah

With a penchant for getting you and yours comfortable in front of the camera, I create images that reflect who you are and what you love most. Your photos should let you relive how your day felt. Let's make it happen, shall we? 

your wedding photographer in the game for 10 years with a knack for stylishly documenting your story


There’s this second after you make it official official, when you clasp each other’s hands to walk back down the aisle married. It’s this emotional, absolutely true moment that shows all the love and work it took to get here. I adore capturing that exact second when joy is written all over your face.

I mean, what’s better than that?

Dye House Wedding
Baltimore, MD

DUMBO Engagement Brooklyn, NYC

Excelsior Wedding Lancaster, PA

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Her work is personal, she captures your true emotions throughout the whole day

Sarah was absolutely exceptional. I always dreamed of what our wedding photos would look like and they far surpassed my expectations. Sarah is professional, fun, responsive, not to mention an absolute artist. By the time the wedding was over Sarah felt like a friend. She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Her work is something my entire family will treasure forever. 

Kathryn + Nick

Your wedding isn’t a photo shoot.

It’s your story to tell. And I bet it’s a good one.

Tell me all about it, babe.