The Client Wedding Guide Template

  • Do you Want to level-up your client experience?

  • Do you want to establish yourself as the trusted expert with your clients?

  • Do you want to exceed client expectations? 

Yeah?You're in the right place.

I've got 3 questions for you. 

What is it? A 20 page, magazine-style guide for your clients (for PDF or print, whatever your little heart desires). give them a resource chock full of tools to plan for a wedding that allows for a well-run, stress-free day and beautiful photos. 

The Client Wedding Guide is for you

using a client wedding guide is a way to 

It’s important for your couples to understand that beautiful wedding photos don’t just happen by showing up and clicking a button. And by the same token, you can’t expect your couples to inherently know all the wedding wisdom you’ve garnered over the years and then be frustrated when their wedding doesn’t run smoothly resulting in subpar photos.

Instead, an excellent photography experience requires photographer/client cooperation to build an efficient photo-specific timeline and their putting trust in you as their photographer. 

help your clients help you.

get your hands on a guide

You want the details? 

Oh, I'll give you the details. 

✔ Multiple pages dedicated to the engagement session (tips for couples being in front of the camera, outfit guidance, logistical planning, including pets, etc.) 
✔ Detailed and comprehensive wedding day photo timeline template (including ample guidance on preparing for efficient, painless family photos)
✔ Photo-related wedding planning tips that most couples wouldn’t know to consider
✔ Reasons for the couple to consider having a first look
✔ Ways to ensure wedding day efficiency (both for the couple spending time doing what they’d like and for you as the photographer) 

SO! What's all in this guide? Pull up a chair and lemme tell ya. 

Get the 20 pages of Canva-designed, pre-formatted image, graphic, and text blocks with the exact copy I use in my own Wedding Guide. All you need to do? Swap out my brand elements for yours, add your own photos, and edit the copy as you see fit. Ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom. That's it.  

And so much more. i mean, the word count is over 4000. 

WOW is this monumental for my business! The copy on the guide is spot on as far as the information I would like to provide for my couples and I didn’t have to lift a finger. The content is thorough, easy to read, and just what my couples are looking for. My clients frequently tell me how helpful the guide is and it even saves them from having to ask me endless questions in the process. 

x Mariah

"a useful, beautiful, and intentional product"

Included in your purchase in a brief video tutorial of my explaining how to use your Canva Pro account to swap out photos, update branding, and edit copy. (Yes, you’ll need a Canva Pro account, but trust me, you’ll love it for way more than just this guide). 

A little sneaky peeky for ya!

Guide me, baby.

Having provided your couples with an abundance of helpful information related to planning for a well-run, stress free wedding day and a great photo experience, you’ll establish yourself as the trusted expert, exceed expectations, and provide a professional, luxury experience. 

The copy in the guide answers couples’ questions before they even have them.

And the drag-and-drop design for you makes it a no-brainer. 

"ok, but like, who are you anyway?"

I'm sarah! Wedding + elopement photographer.

By creating a luxury wedding photography experience through clear, friendly, and professional communication (and by, ya know, honing the art of photography), I built a six-figure profit business by year 3 and continue to close high-ticket sales. Having built a streamlined, efficient business I love over the past 8 years of full-time wedding photography, I’ve gained back both precious personal and professional time. You can do that too. 

Wedding guide, please and thank you!