Your time is just as
             as your talent

You hear that, photogs? Because sometimes it seems like we’re supposed to run on nothing but talent. So let me say it again. Your time is just as valuable as your talent.

Yeah, you could do nothing but hustle, but that’s a road leading directly to burnout. My goal is to keep that inspiration flowing while helping you gain back time to achieve the sort of balance that’ll keep you working—and fulfilled—for the long term.

I decided to pursue photography as my full-time career, not just a hobby or side gig, in 2015. Which, look, it was a huge leap of faith! But I knew if I was going to pursue this passion of mine, I wanted to set myself up to succeed. I wanted to create a financially stable business that didn’t sacrifice my creativity or commitment to my couples. It took trial and error, but I’ve fine-tuned my model, and I want to share it with you. 

Today, I receive 400-500 inquiries every year and can choose my availability to best serve my goals and my couples. To date, I’ve photographed more than 250 couples while maintaining a balance of time and talent.


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Make your time count.

I decided to do a mentorship with Sarah, and it was the best decision for myself and for my business. The mentor photo session alone was a game changer for me! It was like a lightbulb went off and I finally started seeing where I wanted my business to go!


A Mentorship Unique to Your Business 

We’re wedding photographers. We’ve built our lives and our businesses around capturing people as their happiest, most joyful selves. But I bet you—a lot like I was—are searching for a way to become efficient in your business without compromising your creativity. After all, we want to give our couples both, because anything less wouldn’t be honoring all the trust they’ve put into us on one of the biggest days of their lives. 

All my sessions are tailored to your unique needs. I can help you navigate the client experience, workflow efficiency, brand elevation, and attracting your ideal clients. 

You’ll leave our time together excited to turn all that inspo into some serious magic for your couples and your business.

What I appreciate about the mentor sessions I’ve had with Sarah is that she is an open book - no topic is off limits and she is an excellent educator. If you’re looking for ways to elevate your business, I highly suggest being a sponge in Sarah’s presence! She is a wealth of photo-knowledge, so ask any and every question and soak it all right up!

-Alyssa H.

I offer three options to help you perfect your business balance. Whichever works best for your life, you’ll walk away with concrete next steps and attainable goals.

The Coffee Date

The Ride Along

The All In

After you complete a comprehensive pre-consult questionnaire, I’ll take a close look at your process and give you an honest, constructive workflow audit. We’ll meet over Zoom (or your preferred video call) for a coffee and hour-long chat about places where you can improve your workflow. 

There’s nothing like learning by doing, right? This is the session for all you folks looking some business strategy and some shadowing, a peek behind the veil, if you will. Come along with me to a photo session to experience how I work efficiently and creatively photograph while never sacrificing genuine interactions with my couples. I'll show you how and why I do what I do during a couple's photo session to provide a stellar experience that leaves them raving. We'll get together before and after the photo session for some pre and post-game strategy talk. Expect for us to spend about 5-6 hours together on a Ride Along day. 

I offer a very limited number of in-depth coaching slots. These span 3 months and are a truly collaborative process to help you create a sustainable, fulfilling photography business. Together, we’ll create short- and long-term goals with accountability and support. In addition to 2 one-hour video coaching calls a month you'll also receive access to my suite of resources including the Wedding Guide Magazine and my Email Like a Boss email templates. You'll also have the option to swap out one of the calls with a "ride along" photo session.   

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*payment plans available

Get yourself my Client Wedding Questionnaire copy as a gift from me to you. Use this questionnaire with your clients so you can show up to every wedding ready to exceed expectations and deliver a luxury experience. You're getting the email template I send to my couples accompanying the wedding questionnaire, the full copy of the questionnaire, and the explanation of its use in my client workflow. Go and get it!

Did somebody Say Freebie?

Yes! It was me! Just now!

Sarah is so kind and approachable. I was quite nervous to be honest, but Sarah had the most calming presence. We were able to discuss so much even in just an hour that will really change how I approach my business. Sarah was very invested in learning what I do and why, and helped me feel supported in that. I will forever appreciate how Sarah took the time to give me valuable feedback and tools to help my business and in turn, support my family better, even just through one mentor session. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending Sarah to other professionals in the industry looking for a mentor. 

— Tori

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