Hey there, I’m Sarah

Your gal with the camera and some truths to drop

Time is a thief. But photography driven by genuine emotion helps you hold those memories close. 

As your photographer, my focus is always on you. But I never ignore the people who’ve come to celebrate with you. After all, they’re a part of your story too. I find such beauty in the small, the quiet, the edges of the frame. Like the way your dad looked when he laughed or how your grandmother’s hand held yours. The way no one else can make you dance quite as hard as your best friend or laugh in quite the same way as your sister. Being able to document real emotion and love shows me over and over just how powerful and lasting images are for preserving memory. 

Grab hold of your memories

I love all the interaction in the photos. It seems so real because it WAS real. That’s exactly what we wanted. We wanted to capture the feel of the day and all those small looks—between me and my husband, our family looking on. She did such an incredible job.

-Jen Z.

This is where you’ll find me

east coast cities to mountain vistas

I call Pennsylvania home with my husband, Ryan (you might get to meet him as your second photographer … or officiant!) and our two daughters, Brooklyn and Rosalie. When the camera’s packed away, catch me dancing, traveling, chilling during game night, checking out the newest coffee shop and cocktail bar, or babying my house plants. 

My couples are creating weddings that are industrial chic, countryside sweet, mountaintop wild. Celebrated from Philly, NYC,  Baltimore, right here in Lancaster County, to literally the middle of nowhere. Wherever your wedding takes you, I am so excited to document all that goodness.

Details, please and thank you!

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There’s no such thing as a wrong season for iced coffee or too much Diet Coke. (Shhh, let me believe this.) Weekend mornings, find us on family coffee dates in our city neighborhood.

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Bagging national parks is my jam. Hello, Rocky Mountain, you gorgeous girl, you. 13 down, 52 to go, and I’d loooove to explore them with you for a kickass photo session.

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My cats are named Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa, and if you get that reference, we definitely need to get to know each other. Also, Mona has mittens.

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Between us, Ryan and I have called Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia and Lancaster home. How about you?

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The fact that Jason Alexander didn't win an Emmy for his role as George Costanza is arguably a crime. Come to me for more strongly held opinions about favorite TV shows.

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I'll never say no to margarita. It's my drink of choice and I make a pretty mean one. 

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Your wedding isn’t a photo shoot.

It’s your story to tell. And I bet it’s a good one.

Tell me all about it, babe.