Damn. Good. Photos.

Damn good             photos.

As in, your style. Not whatever trend is blowing up right this second. But I bet you already knew that. You’ve always had an affinity for creating the life you want. 

You deserve a wedding day that lets it shine. 


Damn right I do

I’ve seen a lot of wedding photos and didn’t want anything that felt staged. Sarah was there capturing moments instead of staging those moments. In her photos online, I didn’t actually know anyone in her photos that she posted, but I felt like I knew who they were

—Samantha K.

"But how do I get the images I want?"

Okay, I hear you. 

Trust. You’re not the first to swear you’re super awkward in front of the camera. You’re not even the hundredth, tbh. 

But guess what? I love—like really love—to prove you wrong. I take my work seriously, but that doesn’t mean I take myself too seriously. I’ll always help you feel comfortable during photos, which, yeah, sometimes means acting like a goof. I guide you with prompts, but always follow your lead. I honor the fact that you’re showing me your true self by always showing up as myself too. 

The best images are the ones that make you feeeeeeel. (Did you dramatically clench your fist? Cool, me too.) But listen. It’s a big deal that you’re inviting me into your space, and I really get that. And you can trust I’ll share some of my vulnerability too.


Engagement, anniversary or just because (ooh, my fave), couple sessions are a laidback way to celebrate what the two of you’ve got going on in an easy, stress-free way. Let’s spend an hour or two capturing the significance of your everyday—a walk to your favorite coffee shop or lounging in your living room. We could go explore a favorite corner of your neighborhood or the place you get outside when you crave some fresh air. There are a ton of options, and I love to help you plan with location ideas and plenty of guidance! These sessions are couple-led and a lot of fun.

Investment starts at $600


Since 2020 (for obvious reasons), I’ve photographed more elopements. But the thing is, even as things return to normal-ish, couples are still excited to throw out all the stale old “wedding rules” and get married exactly how they want. Modern elopements aren’t rushed or “in secret” like from your parents’ generation, but incredibly special days that are deliberately micro but always intentional. And bonus, my husband Ryan, who also works as my sometimes second photographer, is ordained and has married a ton of my couples. Which is the long way of saying, YES, I’m in. Let’s do it.

Elopement collections are custom tailored based on the specific details of your elopement. Let's chat!


I don’t sacrifice creativity for efficiency. And vice versa. You can trust that I’ll be reliable, thoughtful and gracious. From day one, I’ll share my expertise and work to be fully prepared to anticipate your needs. When your wedding day arrives, I’ll make the experience seamless, all while keeping my eye trained on capturing artistic, intentional images. 

It’s part business. Part art. All in the service of creating something lasting for you.

All wedding collections include 2 photographers with hourly coverage, high-resolution JPGs, print release, and complimentary engagement session. 

YES Count me in!

If you are looking for an interactive and personal experience for your wedding day, then book her team! 

Sarah is the best around. We've been to other wedding parties and events, but so far there is no one we've seen who does the work that they do. They're not just standing there telling you where to stand, smile, point, and shoot. They help you to feel comfortable and embrace the day, the emotions, and most of all the FUN. Choosing your vendors is just as important because their presence and participation in the day impact your energy as well. If you want that peace of mind and have fun, please please please-- I beg you. Book Sarah Brookhart Photography.

Jennifer + Khoi

She was extremely organized and made wedding and photography planning super easy. All of her attributes aside, her work is absolutely stunning. 

Sarah is unbelievable. Super approachable, kind, funny, easy to work with, and makes even the most awkward bride (me) feel beautiful and comfortable in front of the camera.She is able to capture people at their best, without having to pose them or fake smiles. She has mastered her art. Her work is moody, romantic, and beautiful. She was extremely thorough yet efficient on the big day. My guests commented that the photographers were extremely kind and seemed to be “everywhere” and “worked so hard.” 

Grace + Richie

Her zeal for photography and life was evident throughout our entire experience. 

Sarah is a master of her craft. She has an innate ability to create and capture authentic moments. After meeting Sarah, we were immediately at ease and excited. Her method made our time very interactive and under her direction, we felt completely comfortable and free to be ourselves. 

Dustin + Renee

Let’s go on a wander together!

Poke around the map for a lil’ peek of where I’ve traveled with my couples for their weddings, elopements and couples sessions. 

Now the only question is, where will you celebrate? 

Tell me about it

looking for family sessions?

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