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the homebase if you will, of SBP’s Photographer Education Resources.

Take a peek around to see what resource will be most valuable to you in your pursuit of a business you run, not one that runs you. 

Let’s be honest, you didn’t start your own photography business to work nonstop and lose any semblance of work/life balance. No, ma’am. We don’t glorify “busy” over here. In my 8+ years of full-time wedding photography, I’ve built a streamlined, efficient, financially successful business I love.

And what else do I love? Lemme tell ya. Helping other photographers fast-track their business growth without the burnout. Almost a decade in the game means I’ve learned from a lot of my mistakes. Use these resources as a form of preventative care and solutions to business roadblocks. Have at it! 

Welcome to the hub


Client Wedding Questionnaire

Use this questionnaire in your client workflow so you can show up to every wedding ready to exceed expectations and deliver a luxury experience. 

Free? I’m in. 

5 ways to optimize
your inquiry form

Read my guide on how you can revamp your wedding photography inquiry form in a way that will help you book aligned weddings

another freebie? hell yeah.


Email Like A Boss

16 email templates for wedding photographers that communicate clear expectations, create a memorable and streamlined client experience, and prevent ghosting

Client Wedding Guide Template

20 page magazine style, Canva-designed template with pre-formatted image, graphic, and text blocks. Give your clients a resource chock full of insight and tools to plan for a wedding that allows for a well-run, stress-free day and beautiful photos. 

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Want some one-on-one time? Me too. Let’s do a mentorship unique to your specific business needs. I offer 3 mentoring options including The Coffee Date, The Ride Along, and The All In. Take your pick. You’ll leave our time together with concrete next steps and attainable goals.

 Let’s date.