quick reference guide

hi. it's me again. 

Having served over 250 couples, you could say I know a thing or two about wedding days. In order to be as helpful as possible during your wedding planning, I created a “quick reference” page with some frequently-asked questions and answers.

Ultimately, your photos are more about the "feeling" than what you choose to wear, but your outfits do have an effect on the overall mood the photos will convey. If you haven't already selected your outfits, here is some guidance. 

- Don't feel like you need to dress up. If you'd prefer more formal clothes, go for it, but ultimately, I want you to feel like yourself. Select outfits in which you feel comfortable and confident. 
- Try to avoid busy, thin patterns as they can make what's called a "moire effect." It's when the camera can't accurately pick up a small pattern. Google image search that one to better know what I'm talking about. 
- I'd advise you against bright colors which can cause your skin to take on those hues in camera. Try to wear cream, eggshell or off white rather than bright white. Bright white pulls colors from everywhere and has a tendency to look magenta, purple, or most commonly, blue. Neutral, soft patterns, and organic textures photograph the best. 
- Keep the chosen location in mind when selecting your outfits. If your session is taking place in the woods, avoid high heels or dress shoes. You'll be doing lots of moving around, to make sure your outfits are conducive to movement.

What should we wear to our engagement session?

3 weeks after your session. You'll receive the online gallery via email. 

when will we receive our engagement photos?

Please contact me via email to initiate the scheduling chit chat. My calendar fills up quickly! Be sure to email me at least 8ish weeks before you’d like your engagement session. Know that certain times of the year (hello, autumn!) fill up more quickly than other times. Weekends are reserved for weddings and personal time, so engagement shoots are scheduled Mondays-Thursdays usually starting a couple hours before sunset. The engagement session is roughly one hour and you'll receive 75+ photos.  

If our package comes with an engagement session, how do we schedule it?

Email, for sure! I’m notorious for reading text messages and forgetting to respond, so we’ll do all of our correspondence via email where I am most organized. You can expect email responses on weekdays during typical business hours. I am not in my email inbox on the weekends. They only time I'm available via text is on the day of your engagement session when we may need to communicate in real time regarding meeting up. I will provide you with my number a few days before the photo session. 

Sarah - sarah@sarahbrookhart.com
Team - team@sarahbrookhart.com (Virtual Assistant umbrella account, of sorts)  

What’s the best way to communicate with you?

Where should our engagement session take place? 

The options are endless! Pick an environment that reflects you and one in which you're comfortable. The setting will affect the overall mood of the session. It's best if you're surrounded by what you love. Not particularly outdoorsy people? Then maybe we should avoid that long mountaintop hike and perhaps opt for an in-home session documenting the nuances of everyday life. City slickers? Let me photograph your stroll through town doing your favorite things. Nature lovers? I've got loads of beautiful overlooks, waterfalls, and open fields up my sleeve. I'd be happy to share plenty of ideas with you! 

The e-sesh includes my travel within 50 miles of my 17603 location, but if you'd like it elsewhere, totally fine by me! A travel fee will be added to your remaining balance. The specific amount depends on the location you select.

What should the timeline be for photography on the wedding day?

Oh boy, oh boy, this is my bread and butter. I love to work with couples to create a wedding day photograph timeline that allows for a stress-free day and beautiful photos. Check out suggested timelines below, one with a first look and one without. 

who will be the second photographer at our wedding?

The second photographer (Independent Contractor as noted in paragraph 9 of our Agreement) will always be a talented photographer whom I know and trust. Usually my husband, Ryan, photographs alongside me. Wedding photography, however, is not his full-time job like it is mine. When he is not available for a wedding day, I have a handful of other talented photographers with whom I work. Your engagement session will be with just me, not also a second photographer. 

who should we include in our family photos?

Most couples just include their immediate families and grandparents. I am happy to photograph more, but based on my professional experience, I know an excessive family photo list can be draining for couples. In order to be efficient, organized, and get you enjoying cocktail hour, I recommend no more than 12 family photo groupings. We typically allow 20 minutes for photographing this number of family groupings. If you’d like to do more, just know we may have to build in extra “family photo time” into your photography timeline.

Oh, do I ever! I've got a whole bunch! 

Wedding planning can be overwhelming. Do you have any vendors you recommend?

timeline with first look

timeline without first look

recommended vendors

Will some photos be in black and white? What does editing entail?

Some photos will be edited in black and white but the vast majority will be in color. These editing decisions are made based on artistic discretion (this falls under the “Artistic Rights” paragraph of our agreement). If you have a photo in black and white and you’d like it in color as well, a re-edit fee may apply. Let’s chat! 

My photo editing involves adjusting elements that influence light (exposure, contrast, shadows, highlights, etc.), cropping, and white balance. All of these work together to achieve that signature style you see across my work. We do not do any body modification or retouching. You are beautiful just as you are! 

do you offer boudoir photo sessions?

Hell yeah. Hit me up, I'll provide more details, and we'll make it happen. 

Nope! Not necessary! We strive to have your photos tell the true story of your day. Let's not copy photos you saw on Pinterest. We'll photograph moments as they happen and they'll be unique to your wedding day. However, please do make me aware of special events or sentimental mementos that we wouldn't ordinarily know about on a typical wedding day. You’ll have the opportunity to communicate this to us through your Wedding Questionnaire that’s sent to you 2-3 months before the wedding day.

should we give you a "shot list?"

When is the final balance due?

1 month before your big day! We’ll send you an invoice with payment details. 

when and how will we receive our wedding photos?

You will receive all of your wedding photos in your online gallery no later than 8 weeks after your wedding day. You can expect to receive a USB flash drive with all of the same wedding photos in the mail shortly after. Be sure to promptly back-up all of your photos on your own storage devices as we do not permanently archive files. I certainly do not actively delete files, but upon receipt of the images, clients accept all responsibility for archiving and protecting of their images. 

If our package comes with an album, how does that process work?

Once you receive your full online gallery, you’ll receive an email notification to select photos for your album from within your gallery. When all photos have been selected, I will design your album spreads and send them to you for approval or revision requests. From there, I will send you virtual swatches of your album fabric options. When the album design is approved and fabric is chosen, I will put in your order. It may take several weeks for the album to be completed. It will be shipped to your house and I will provide you with the UPS tracking number.

Any other questions? 

Send an email to sarah@sarahbrookhart.com 

I hear you make a mean margarita. What's your recipe?

Well well well, lucky you. 1.5 oz tequila, 1 oz triple sec, 1 oz fresh lime juice (emphasis on fresh), splash of simple syrup. Shake and serve over ice. Add a tajin-salt rim to take things up a notch.