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Let’s go on a wander together!

Poke around the map for a lil’ peek of where I’ve traveled with my couples for their weddings, elopements and couples sessions. 

Now the only question is, where will you celebrate? 

Tell me about it

She brought the energy to my partner and me on our wedding day and brought us out of our shells. 

Sarah is a bubbly person in the truest form. Sarah made me feel very confident and at ease. I’m usually a nervous wreck in front of a camera but those feelings melted away with her! She makes it fun, lighthearted, and still honors the deepness in the emotions of the day. 

Sara + Daniel

She captures the real, raw love. Not staged moments. Almost every photo she delivered to us, from our engagement to our wedding, made me cry. 

Sarah is the definition of an expert. From the way she makes you feel like you can tackle the wedding planning process to feeling comfortable in front of the camera, she was crucial every step of the way. And on the day of the wedding, she was an absolute dream to work with. She kept everyone organized and moving along and made sure I got the exact photos I wanted. She is always thinking about her couples and putting them first, and it shows throughout the entire process. 

Samantha + Cory

Her work is personal, she captures your true emotions throughout the whole day

Sarah was absolutely exceptional. I always dreamed of what our wedding photos would look like and they far surpassed my expectations. Sarah is professional, fun, responsive, not to mention an absolute artist. By the time the wedding was over Sarah felt like a friend. She makes you feel so comfortable in front of the camera. Her work is something my entire family will treasure forever. 

Kathryn + Nick

You can relax knowing that no matter the circumstances, your photos will be utterly gorgeous and natural.

Working with Sarah was seamless, exciting, and incredibly memorable! On top of being an incredibly talented creator and a wonderful human, Sarah is professional, organized, and a great gal to have at your side during one of the most important days of your life. We laughed, danced, sang, and enjoyed every single moment- unaware that we had a camera to "pose" for.

Kathleen + Jimmy

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let's do it!

There’s no such thing as a wrong season for iced coffee or too much Diet Coke. (Shhh, let me believe this.) Weekend mornings, find us on family coffee dates in our city neighborhood.

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Bagging national parks is my jam. Hello, Rocky Mountain, you gorgeous girl, you. 13 down, 52 to go, and I’d loooove to explore them with you for a kickass photo session.

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My cats are named Jean Ralphio and Mona Lisa, and if you get that reference, we definitely need to get to know each other. Also, Mona has mittens.

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Between us, Ryan and I have called Baltimore, DC, Philadelphia and Lancaster home. How about you?

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The fact that Jason Alexander didn't win an Emmy for his role as George Costanza is arguably a crime. Come to me for more strongly held opinions about favorite TV shows.

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I'll never say no to margarita. It's my drink of choice and I make a pretty mean one. 

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Damn. Good. Photos.

Damn good             photos.

As in, your style. Not whatever trend is blowing up right this second. But I bet you already knew that. You’ve always had an affinity for creating the life you want. 

You deserve a wedding day that lets it shine. 


You're right. I do.

"But how do I get the images I want?"

Okay, I hear you. 

You’re not the first to swear you’re super awkward in front of the camera. You’re not even the hundredth, tbh. 

But guess what? I love—like really love—to prove you wrong. I take my work seriously, but that doesn’t mean I take myself too seriously. I’ll always help you feel comfortable during photos. I guide you with prompts, but always follow your lead. I honor the fact that you’re showing me your true self by always showing up as myself too. 

The best images are the ones that make you feel. But listen. It’s a big deal that you’re inviting me into your space, and I really get that. And you can trust I’ll share some of my vulnerability too.